Help with recording Audio and video.
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    Default Help with recording Audio and video.

    When i turn quicktime on to start a movie recording ma sound goes to shit, alot of cracks and hissy pop things, not ma latency using audio 8 and i tryed turning it all the way up, i also tryed another program but same thing happening. I even tryed the old unplug everthing and reboot ma macbook, using the built in isight by the way.Any body got any ideas cuz it is pissin me right off.
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    I don't know whether I got you right, but I take it that you`re trying to use quicktime while using traktor at the same time, right?

    If that`s the case it maybe is a driver issue.
    When using my Audiofire2 I noticed that if traktor was running in the background, I couldn`t start applications like winamp, because the soundcard had two driver setting one being asio and the other the bread an butter driver that took less system resources. Since the other applications could't use the asio driver they didn't start at all.

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    getting my audio 8 in tmrw, i'll try it out and see if i can come up with anything. / /
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