I have 20 years as a musician but mostly playing guitar. So my experience is mostly wiring guitars, setting pedalboards and finding the perfect tube sound.

Now I am jumping into something different. I have a little more than beginner knowledge about software recording since I use Logic Pro X.
I have used some interfaces like Traktor S2 and Axiom separately. But now I wanted to do now simultaneously and want some VSTs can be sampled into traktor (or Ableton Live). Still donīt know how to manage it and got stuck on what I got to do. In terms of performance since I am planning going Live.

My gear is currently the Following:
MOTU Utralite MK3 (1 midi in and 1 midi out).
Traktor S2
M-Audio Axiom 25.

Also I have a collection of VSTs that I would like to mix with what I do on traktor. Effects and Synths (like Sylenth and Komplete).

Is Ableton Live necessary or can I input directly to Traktor using AU Lab and Soundflower ?

I have a lots of questions!! And this is my first post!

Now I get some new toys and would like to accomplish this.