Hello All,

I've created a MF3d Midi mapping in Live 9 to take advantage of NI Komplete (Traktor's 12) within Guitar Rig. Basically, I'm able to trigger FX in Live 9 with the MF3D as one would in Traktor using the instant grat mapping. Beatmasher combos, echo freeze, reverb, gater, etc. My question is, how can I recall the midi map if I want to create a new Live project. I can save the fx preset for recall but it doesn't bring back the midi map, it only brings back the plug-in/instruments used (in this case tractors 12). I have to map everything from scratch if I choose to create a new project, or if I add a new audio track. Why can't one save the midi map and recall it to any track/project? Is this a limitation in Live?