Hello guys,
After consulting all forums of the equipment and software I use, I decided to upgrade the OS on my MacBook Pro to Mavericks. My MBP running OSX 10.8 with everything working beautifully, even on Friday I worked all afternoon with my usual set-up (Ableton Live, Machine MK2 and Xone's DB4 & K2) without any problem. Yesterday, after consulting the forums, I did upgrade to Maveriks with nothing connected to the MBP, and after making back-ups. After the update, i installed all new drivers and software updates.
I ran all the software and everything worked beautifully. Only after I called the MK2 Maschine, surprise .......... is not recognized.
When I turn on USB, the displays light up on the Maschine, but that's it, nothing more.
Is my only hardware device that is not recognized.
After returning to Maschine's Forum, thought about uninstalling Controller Driver 2.6.
I uninstalled and went back to install, and nothing ...... the hardware is not recognized by MBP.
Opening the Audio Midi Setup, at window MIDI Devices, the Maschine MK2 is there, but disabled.
I tried the same steps several times, but the result is the same.
Right now my MBP has installed Maschine Controler 2.6 Mac with software (which works fine), Maschine 1.8.2, Kontakt Player 5.3.0, Player 5.9.0 Reaktor, Massive 1.4.0,and Controller Editor 1.6.0.
Someone who has had this problem?
Who can help me?