What cords should I pick up for Mackie Thumps + Komplete Audio 6(or S2)?
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    Default What cords should I pick up for Mackie Thumps + Komplete Audio 6(or S2)?

    Sup guys, I've been running a super ghetto setup with one mackie being daisy chaned to the other, then into the heaphone input of my soundcard with a sereo xlr to 1/4. Obviously this isn't ideal, I just don't have any other cords at the moment. My question to you guys is what cords would I need to have a balanced non mono setup? Two female xlr to 1/4 monos? Would that be the correct setup? Here's some pictures of the back of both units"


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    You are correct ... for a stereo setup, you would need two XLR (Male) to 1/4" (Male) Cables and set the speakers one as left and one as right.

    In my opinion I would actually daisy chain the speakers to prevent an inbalance of audio and run the two stereo signals into the speakers as mono. But that would be if I were gigging with the speakers and don't have time to make corrections to the sound in the room.


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