I'm having some issues mapping my TouchOSC map in Traktor. Here they are:

1) when I press the toggle button (that I created in the TouchOSC Editor) in my iPad, it lights up in the iPad and in Traktor, but when I press again to turn it of, it lights off on the iPad, but in Traktor don't. If I press it again on the iPad, it lights up again ON the iPad, and in Traktor stays the same. Then I press it for the fourth time, and then lights off on the iPad and on Traktor.

So what can I so the light goes off on Traktor on the second time that I press the button ?

2) I also created an XY pad on the iPad map, but I could only map the X movement, and not the Y. What can I do to map it both? Because my idea is to control the dry/wet of the effect unit in the X parameter, and the FX knob in the Y parameter.

How can I do that ?