Soundcloud accounts not offering as many hours as they claim?
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    Default Soundcloud accounts not offering as many hours as they claim?

    I've got an unlimited Soundcloud account which is serving my needs pretty well. Now I've set up another account under my own name and it's currently free. It's supposed to allow me 2 hours maximum but up to now I've only uploaded 45 minutes and it claims I've reached the limit. I'm prepared to upgrade to a 4 hour Pro account as I could probably make do with that but if they are already lying about the current upload limits then I'd really be wasting good money after bad.

    Does anyone know what causes this problem because they don't seem to have any technical support to email and their FAQ section doesn't mention this topic. The only real workaround I can think of is to post stuff on my unlimited account then share it onto my personal Soundcloud but it's not an ideal solution.

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    did you contact them about this?
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    Soundcloud is very glitchy, mine used to do that occasionally. Been a while though.

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    never had this happen, your best bet is to write them an email

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