Where should I go next?
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    Default Where should I go next?

    Wasup Guys

    So i'm having my little dilemma here and wanted to share it with y'all and maybe get some feedback.

    SO I have my very very basic setup (Numark stealth and alesis io2 + Traktor pro) now I feel like i'm not reaching where I want to go when making mixes or just playing around. now I have to ideas, 1) get the new s2 and keep walking the "classic" path dj controller or 2) get a maschine (Mikro???) and start walking more towards the making of the music.

    Now I have really no clue about the maschine so i don't even know what else i need in order to use that product (abelton?FL?) so any recommendations on how to start this process would be also very welcome

    So let me know what you think or if you have any other suggetions i'm open for any ideas



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    Producing and DJ'ing are two completely different things.

    Where do you want to go with your djing? I'm not sure I understand? How long have you been playing for? What music are you into?

    I started producing with Maschine and wouldn't recommend it for a beginner as it feels a bit restrictive arrangement wise. Purchase a lite version or a cheaper DAW and a midi keyboard and learn the basics of how how to use a DAW and how to use soft synth plugin's. After you have this down watch some maschine demo's and see if the work flow appeals to you.

    Production takes a allot of time and effort to get the results even close to how you hear it in your head. It also takes a fair bit of dedication so start cheap in case you can't be assed with it.

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