Help with multiple mixes in Traktor
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    whatsup guys,
    I think this is my first post here so sorry if this is in the wrong section!
    I have a question about Traktor. I'm all self taught so I dont know the inner workings too much, I was just wondering if its possible to save multiple cue points on the same song for separate mixes. As in, I want to use the same song if 2 mixes but it has different cue points in both sets.
    Any help is really appreciated, thanks guys!

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    Use those 8 cuepoints wisely
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    You can make a copy of the song and change the name slightly (like adding a #2) and set different cue points for it.

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    If you need more cue points slice the mix in to a remix deck by using a loop recorder. Map track deck volume to kill when sample is triggered and do contrary when you hit the cue buttons. That's double the Traktor 32 max cue.

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