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    Default question about a dvs setup

    not quite sure how this would work out so i figured someone on here might know.

    im think of switching over to traktor scratch pro, but i was wondering how other people control decks c and d. i have a vci, and i think it would be pretty cool to control c/d with my vci and control a/b with timecode/external mixer.

    now for my question. is it possible to use a 2 channel external mixer plus tt's for a/b, all plugged into an A8 soundcard, and use the internal mixer mode and use the vci for c/d.

    what im thinkin is the short answer is no. i feel like the only way possible for this to work is to use a 4 channel external mixer, and i can use the vci, but will have to use the external mixer for the volume/eq. (which may be a decent setup also, then i can use the vcis eq section for other things.. effects etc)

    anyone use a setup like this and could enlighten me a little bit. thanks people

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    The short answer is no.

    The long answer is you can do this with a three channel mixer and use the volume controls for C&D, but not the crossfader, I believe. I know you can use EQ settings in External mode, but I think I remember reading that you can't use volume faders.

    But you can't do a hybrid "Internal/External" set up. That I'm sure of.
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    alright, well thanks for the answer, that was basically my question, can i have a hybrid setup. and that was the expected answer. so now im torn in between getting a second vci (and perhaps doin arcade buttons on both) or getting a traktor scratch setup and using my vci also but in external mixer mode. what to do what to do

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