Syncing Lights to Traktor?
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    Default Syncing Lights to Traktor?

    Is it possible to sync lights to Traktor 2.0 as it does send a MIDI timecode signal through the Audio 10? Some of my lights do have sync through a built in microphone, but I want a strobe light synced up with snare hits during a buildup (coming out of a break-down) and every kick drum on the drop-in which would visually enhance a peak hour vibe. What are the ways that this can be accomplished? DO I need a DMX controller synced up with Traktor? I don't know where to go with this, but I know such a simple thing is possible.


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    Short answer is yes. You will have to find someone else if you want more detail. You need a dmx controller that can receive midi signals or better still a usb dmx unit i.e the american audio myDMX. The software that comes with it can receive midi signals that will fire events i.e your strobe.

    How you set it all up is is another matter. I've only read about it, never tried myself.

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