Traktor S4 ASIO drivers are multi-client, but what about the VCI-400?
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    Default Traktor S4 ASIO drivers are multi-client, but what about the VCI-400?

    One of the things audio interface manufacturers hardly ever quote in the specs is whether or not their ASIO driver is multi-client (even when it is!). Multi-client drivers allow two or more programs to have full access to the audio interface, simultaneously. So, for example, you could have Traktor and also Live sending audio to the same outputs of the audio interface at the same time.

    Multi-client ASIO drivers may not seem like a big deal, but if you also intend to use the audio interface as your system's default sound card, then it is a must. I own two NI audio interfaces and also an RME Fireface 400, both of which provide multi-client ASIO drivers. As far as I know Native Instruments has supplied true multi-client drivers since they released their first audio interface (Kore 1?), way before RME ever did.

    So I was wondering if anyone could confirm whether or not the VCI-400 ASIO driver is multi-client. Thanks folks!

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    Wait a minute - Live and Traktor can BOTH use an audio interface at the same time?

    I've never even tried this. I sure hope my DJm-850 has a multi-client ASIO driver...
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