Does Traktor 1.2 address led bug?
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    Default Does Traktor 1.2 address led bug?


    I was just wondering if any one currently using Traktor Pro 1.2 could deny or confirm if the Bug with the LED FX on buttons has been fixed? The bug was evident when engaging the second effect button. For example, with the VCI-100, when the second FX button was pushed, Traktor would send midi commands to kill the LED lights on the rest of the effect buttons, even though the effect remained engaged in Traktor.

    I am hesitant to upgrade to 1.2, as my set-up is rock solid (except for the led bug). However, if the LED interaction with 1.2 is improved I feel like this would be worth the effort of fine tuning a new mapping edition alone.

    any feedback is appreciated.

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    i just installed tpro 1.2 lastnite ill get back to you once in program it on my vci.
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