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    Default Ableton EDM bundle

    Above is a link for the Ableton EDM bundle. Everything it comes with is in the link. It seems too good to be true so I was wondering what everyone here thought. Ive been playimg drums and guitar for about 12 years or so and want to get into mixing. I know ableton is a great program and I figured I could also record my solo work and projects through it as well.

    Like I said the deal seems too good to be true so ive tried searching through google and different forums but I cant seem to find amy reviews. Its almost as if no one has ever bought it which makes me skeptical.

    Should I buy this or save an extra couple hundred dollars and piece together my own set?

    Your opinions are appreciated. Thanks!

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    I will say that this seems like a pretty standard deal. The APC is nothing special, much like a worse Novation Launchpad with some faders on it. As for Ableton, that retails for a couple hundred no matter where you are. As I am a student myself, it was cheaper to buy and education version. I have never done this specific Dubspot course that is included, but I can say they really know what they are doing. I like Dubspot and they can teach you a lot very fast and efficiently. The rest are all addons that I have never used. I use glitch which I have heard is like Stutter Edit, but never specifically SE. The real deal here is for the lessons, ableton, and the APC 20. I would try to price those alone and see if you even want them. Then decide whether it is a good deal or not.

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    The Dubspot 30|30 isn't anything like their real courses. It's basically a quick start guide for Ableton. Jus givin you a heads up.

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