[Help!] Streaming Audio from Traktor Pro to a Raspberry Pi (same network)
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    Default [Help!] Streaming Audio from Traktor Pro to a Raspberry Pi (same network)


    So I've spent the morning trying to find a solution to this and haven't managed.

    Basically, I have Traktor Pro for mixing on my laptop, and a separate Raspberry Pi (a small Linux computer, powerful at streaming media, for those who don't know) which I want to send my audio to. They're both connected to the same local network, however I'm unsure how to link them up.
    I can install programs such as Shoutcast or Icecast on the Raspberry Pi and stream that way, however that would involve sending the signal out of my local network just to retrieve it again on the Raspberry Pi - I'd like to find a way to send it directly without involving the outside world.

    Is it possible to set up the Traktor 'Broadcast' settings to send to a local IP address and port number (which I could then play through my Pi), or do I need to send to a server or something like that? Whenever I've tried to send the Broadcast to a router IP address (such as or some variation, I always get a flashing Broadcast button.

    Sorry if this is a bit unclear, please ask questions!


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    I've meddled in traktor broadcast just a little bit so I'll tell you what I know. I was able successfully broadcast to others using Icecast. Icecast is a free program that turns your ip address of your computer into its own streaming site. I assume you can set that up, and stream it through your raspberry pi.
    Here are some links to get you started:


    Its been over a year since I touched it but, I remember using the youtube link as a reference, the mixify forum may help as well.


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