Traktor Timecode issue
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    Default Traktor Timecode issue

    encountered a strange issue for the first time last night and I can't seem to find any info on it, for some reason, every time I load a new track into the right channel and start playing, it played at about -20%, and I had to switch the turntable over to 45 and pitch it down about 7.5% on the turntable to get it playing regularly. tried recalibrating the control vinyl, restarting traktor, using a different control record, the box in timecode preferences that reads "turntable speed []45rpm" was not checked, and the other channel was playing tracks normally.. nothing on my setup has changed since the last time I used it, and it was really frustrating, yet I haven't been able to find another mention of this anywhere, perhaps due to terrible googling skills or odd search terms. any thoughts?

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    Haven't used timecode regularly for awhile, but I was having some random issues like that every once in awhile. It started happening to me when Traktor 2.5 was still fairly new. I still wouldn't rule out a hardware problem in your situation, but I just wanted to let you know that it wouldn't surprise me at all if it was a software bug.

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