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    Hi All,

    I posted over on the ALDJ forum as well (i know a fair few of us frequent both boards) but wondered if there was anyone else in the Max4Live beta?

    Most of the posters in the Beta forum are from a production end so i'm hoping that i'll find some like minded individuals i can bounce ideas off....

    The first couple of hours with max are akin to running headlong into a brick wall, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and screaming "that was Brilliant" and then taking a longer run up to do it again......!

    Hit me up here over over at my blog if you want to start bouncing some ideas around.....

    Oh and in answer to how do i get on the beta?.... I applied about 6 months ago stating i knew nothing of max and therefore would prob ably break it more times than can be imagined, then i got a lot of press off the APC40 customisation stuff so can only assume it's the two things combined....

    They then allow you a 15 minute download linkage that expires after you've used it so it's not like you can pass it on to other people, cobine this with a new Live 8.1.4beta and seperate Max4Live serial number and you can see they're being serious about getting this one right first time!


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    what's max4live?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jo3 View Post
    what's max4live?

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