Traktor - mapping controller issues
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    Default Traktor - mapping controller issues


    I'm just in the process of setting up my first midi controller with Traktor, I'm mapping the controls but there's a couple of weird things happening, would be great if someone who knows more than me can point me in the direction of what I'm doing wrong.

    1. When I hit play for the right deck on the midi controller (deck b) it plays deck a for the duration i have the button held down for. The play button for deck A is fine. I've checked the settings and they're the same for each deck, except that I've changed the assignment. Settings are button and toggle.

    2. If deck b is playing and I tap sync, it stops the track. The sync text is now highlighted in traktor. If the track isn't playing it starts it, and master is on in traktor. Sync isn't. With deck A it acts like I would expect, pressing it turns sync on and off. I have the settings as button and toggle.

    3. What option do I map the up/volume faders to? I can't seem to find this anywhere!

    I'm using an Ave Ezymix if that matters.


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    Sounds like you have multiple functions mapped to the same buttons. Perhaps try mapping things one at a time to make sure each button is set only to the function you want it to affect. That's usually how I map my controllers. Slow process but that way everything behaves as it should. The Volume faders for each deck are under Mixer->Volume Adjust. Just assign the deck you want it to work for.

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