Hi guys!

I am a new member of this forum and very happy to be here.
i am a totally newbie to DJing and music productions.

I just bought a pair of KRK and bought two audio interfaces : Traktor audio 2 and Scarlett 2i2

Which one should i keep?

I neither do any Djing nor any recording.
I just like to listen to music with high quality sounds . i might be into Djing in the future, when i finish college.

I found that Audio 2 has so much "power" to it. The volume are soooo loud , i have to put the volume on min on my KRK and perhaps a half way on my PC. And it does makes some white noises, when i turn the volume on my KRK loud without playing any music. one thing i don't like is that you cannot control the volume on the audio interface it self. The headphone and the main output plays at the same time and you cannot turn of either one at the same time.

Scarlett 2i2 is a very beautiful piece of technology, solid build and good audio quality.
Due to my inexperience, i can't figure it out which one actually sounds better! Can you gives give me some hint?
in my knowledge Scarlett is mostly used my music production and audio recording peps, and i'm not a musician. and btw Scarlett 2i2 has advantage is that they makes softer white noises and TRS cables are higher quality then Unbalanced RCA...if im wrong correct me please

So which one should i keep guys?

I have to return them by Nov.22th 2013, other wise i am stuck with both of them and waste my money.
I know should have posted this earlier....

thank you so much for your time
hope to hear from you all soon !