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    Default DJTT project: online open mapping editor

    Hey awesome DJ techie community,

    Why don't we start a new project to build an awesome universal mapping editor?
    Traktor users on windows are in desperate need, but I'm sure we can build something that everyone can benefit from.
    The idea: a website that let's you build mappings, with the possibility to exchange recipes: small parts of mappings that can be easily imported to your mappings, which you then assign to controllers through 'learn' and when done gets converted to the DJ software of your choise.

    If we can make such a thing I'm sure we'll soon see incredibly technical or creative mappings.
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    The problem is the encryption and decryption algorithm of the TSI file.

    With regard to the midi learn. As far as I'm aware the midi api hasn't yet made it to chrome but it's in chrome canary "nightly build", So midi learn should be possible in a web app.

    The idea of allowing you to choose the software you want the mapping for is possible from the webapps point of view, but not really from the software point of view as Serato can't do much, Traktor can do more, but VDJ can do anything and is far more advanced in terms of mapping than the other two. If you wanted to do that sort of thing everything would have to be at Serato's level, and no-one want's that.

    I'm pretty good with web development and happy to help if someone can crack the TSI.
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    I'd also be more than happy to help.... Programmer by day. But until we can crack the TSI there's not a lot we can do. It's also gonna be one hell of a job programming the web site to be able to output all the different mapping files..... But it could be done.
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