Has anyone else noticed that there are some freaky whispering/talking sounds underneath some of the sounds
in the pack?

I just noticed it on the kick of the layerz upon layerz pack. I feel like I've noticed it before on something else,
but I can't remember what right now. But if you put on a good pair of headphones and turn it way up and hit
the kick sound and hold it... you'll hear what sounds like someone whispering/talking and coughing. I can't
tell if it's just random noise and my brain is fabricating that it sounds like talking or if it is actually talking.

Has anyone else noticed this? How crazy am I? Any idea whether these are noise artifacts or people actually talking?
And if the latter is it an accident or intentional?

I only know MZ through his videos but it doesn't seem at all inconsistent with his vibe that he might even
have put some weirdness like this in there intentionally...?