Traktor Crashy on Write Tags
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    Default Traktor Crashy on Write Tags

    Who wants to read my crash log ?!!!

    Traktor crashes when writing tags. It's not just a single wonky MP3 because it happens with regularity. I'll add a song to my collection. It will analyze just fine, but will hang on writing tags and crash.

    I did a fresh install of Traktor tonight with a blank collection to try and shake the problem but it persisted.

    Things to know:
    I use an external drive
    I process my MP3s through Rapid Evolution: Mix Share first to find the key, and then write the key to tags
    The problem happens even if I try and add songs that are locally saved, as well as those stored externally.

    Really, can you read a crash log?

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    This has happened to me a couple of times with the update, but only if i mass edit a whole bunch of new tunes whilst they are being analysed. I have noticed tho that if there is even a slight problem with a corrupt file or tag traktor tends to crashe. Usually when this happened to me i would find the guilty tune and take it round the back of the shed and execute it.
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    If you send your Crash Log to NI Support they will be able to read the Log and maybe isolate the dodgy MP3 if thats the cause.

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    I actually had this had during a live set, this past Friday. Traktor just froze up on me. I had to have the guest DJ spin a trak for me while I rolled back to a previous ver of Traktor. The sound of dead silence.

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