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    H everyone.
    This is going to sound very basic and silly sp please forgive me.
    I have been involved in the dance industry for many years now producing events and large scale parties. Many years ago, back in the old skool days I started off by DJing on techs on vinyl. It was extremely frustrating as I tried and tried to beat match but just couldnt. The only reason I kept a residency was because the tracks I played and the order I played them, people loved it, certainley wasnt due to my mixing ability.
    It was only about 2 years agao that I got diagnosed with ADHA more so the AD part. The experts correctley identified that I struggled with all processing of the brain, everything is jumbled in my thoght processes with difficulty in forming clarity. By chance I explained as an example about not being able to beat match. The expert actually said that this was a prime example of my brain not being able to single out different information entering my brain.
    As with many people with ADHA, we are visual learners. So, when I came accross virtual DJ I was able to mix by using the beat bars (not the wave form) which was very simple. i started doing the odd party here and there playing trance etc. OK, it was cheating so to speak but to me its all about the tunes and the order you play them, its the punters who are dancing which matter. However, working off laptop looks a bit crappy and of course you have more control with a controller. Therefor I have taken the plunge and bought a DDJ SX. I have been trying to get familliar with Serato and of course the Pioneer hardware. That said I am finding it alot harder to mix in the beat bars on the Serato soft ware. With virtual DJ the bars are very obvious and of course I can just sync it up in Virtual DJ.
    I have anaylised all my Library whilst beat griding it as well

    At the end of this long winded message (apologies) the questions are
    * Why does Serato need to anaylise your Library when Virtual DJ dosnt
    * Can I make the process of beat matching the wave form or beat bars more obvious/easier instead of vague not obvious small indiscriptive peaks which Serato offers
    * Why when I Smart Sync it dosnt always beat match.
    [/B]Please please can anyone offer any advice.
    Thanks everyone

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    1. every software analyzes your songs, virtual dj and traktor upfront. serato once you first load the song in.

    2. I don't know how you could make seratos phase meter and easier.

    3. If you're grids aren't right, your sync wont be right.

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    Make sure you have I think simple sync selected or vise versa it will make it easier to see visually. Also a side note make sure you are in horizontal mode if you are being visually guided vertical is weird atleast always has been for me. Also over time your ears should start to hear the difference and allow you to fine tune.

    Virtual dj does infact analyze your tracks but it does it in background. Unless you load lots I noticed this when reloading my mobile library of 140,000 tracks

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