songs with extended intros and outros
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    Default songs with extended intros and outros

    so since i started djing alot more and hanging around alot more guys that have been playing longer than i have i noticed alot of them have songs with intros that make it easier for mixing. here is one example

    i was listening to another dj play the other night and he had an intro of just drums and that bass tone. then after i think 8 bars drake came in, as opposed to it just starting off with him in the beginning.

    Where can i find songs with these intros?

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    these are probably just self made edits, i know a few who do this with ableton. some tunes come with a standard club edit which usualy also prolongs the intro/outro
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    You can make your own but a number of companies and record pools offer the extended mixes for most popular Rap / Pop / Top 40 stuff.

    If you dig around on soundcloud you can find some "Intros" for download as well.

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    Most of the music pools that offer that sort of music have intro or extended edits. There was a DJTT article about the various pools a while back.

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    awesome guys thanks for the help. ill check around for that article!

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