Custom Keyboard Stickers For Traktor ???
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    Default Custom Keyboard Stickers For Traktor ???

    i've made a custom map for traktor keyboard that fits my needs.

    but i cannot find anywhere where to buy or make myself that custom keyboard stickers or just the letters i changed.

    is there anything out there? i am interested in glowing if possible too.

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    styleflip print them but not sure about glow in the dark, they are fairly expensive though at around $30 shipped to AUS. I got the stickers from DJAY for mac and made my mapping around that for VDJ. There are also sticker packs for Traktor and Serato but they offered less functionality than the DJAY ones. I think I got it from, they are on eBay too. I have had them on my laptop keyboard for about two years and they have never come off or faded.

    If you want to show your inner geek and you use a cherry mechanical keyboard you can get custom keycaps from they will run you about $60 shipped.

    If you want to do it really cheap you could download wasd's illustrator or inkscape templates and take it to a local printer but they wouldn't be the best quality.
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