Iím a student and part of a research group which is developing a new concept that allows the control of music parameters with gestures. Our solution doesnít need any device attached to the usersí body. We want to allow total freedom, so this will be compatible with the most popular digital audio workstations in the market, such as Ableton or Fruity Loops, in order for the artist to keep using what he feels confortable with. With this, you will be able to control filters, launch samples, change any effect by just moving, for example, your hands and arms (just to name a few possibilities). The gestures which control the parameters of the music can be mapped by the artist, so every dj can choose what works best for him. In parternship with some professional djs, we will work on a wide variety of cool movements and provide them in the software package.

Our main objective is to provide djs with a new creative solution that allows a new level of interaction with music and the audience, maintaining the quality of what is created with this technique. This is definitely not a substitute of tradicional methods! It is just a new feature that can be used along side with all your other gear. Weíre providing a new solution to do a lot of amazing things in your shows. You can also use the audience movements to add effects to your tracks, giving the possibility of an interaction level without any precedents.

Since accuracy is very important for a dj's work, we use a special camera that can track body movements with a precision of milimiters, in order to maintain the quality of what you do.

We would like to know what are your thoughts about this idea, and, if you have the possibility, please answer the short form in the link!

Best regards,

Nuno Santos