12" mixer in a CDJ hard case
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    Default 12" mixer in a CDJ hard case

    does anyone know if a 12" mixer will fit in a CDJ case?

    i ask because CDJ cases are usually cheaper, and i like to have my mixer tilted on the railings of the case anyway.

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    The DJM900 fits into a CDJ2000 case. DJM850 or lower, or Xone mixers fit into CDJ1000 case or CDJ2000 case with a bit of extra foam.

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    All depends on the case and in some cases the mixer. I happened to shove a djm 900 (one of the biggest "12 inch" mixers) in a cdj2000 case, but it just barely fits and I know not all cases are the same. A true 12" mixer should physically fit in a cdj2000 case, just need to make sure there is enough room to plug in cables like an xlr in the back

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