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    Hey guys, so I DJ at this club twice a week and we were looking to find a way to mix some video's and such on the TV's just to spice things up and add to the room, unfortunately I use traktor and I have no clue on what kind of connections and stuff I need to get this going. I have a separate computer because I don't want to run anything else off my DJ laptop and I was looking into getting cell VJ and using my Launchpad to control it. Anyways what kind of connections do I need? There are 3 flat screen all HDMI, there also a vcr but its not near the DJ booth and I would like to control it from there. Is there any wifi based products that will project it on screen? Cables I need? Any hub of sorts, etc? Any help would be appreciated thanks guys!

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    there are a few cool iPad apps that you can VJ with…pretty basic, but will do the job and are easy to use. depending on the iPad you have you will either have composite video or HDMI…

    could be a cheaper alternative…if you already have an iPad lol
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    well no ipad so definatly not the option for me lol. basically already got another laptop and controller for it so really just need to know what the best connections and stuff to the TV is to buy and how to format it and such

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