Ean's prepping mapping does not work for the new S4 MK2, so I duplicated all the macros. Most of it works, however, there is a bug. PLEASE HELP! Here's a link to the mapping where you can download:


Sometimes (but not always) when I press one of the CUES or SHIFT + CUE, it will reset the beat grid in a strange way, with lines that are obviously not on beat. If you look at Ean's video of his mapping for the old MK1 version (https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/555), he resets the beat grid at 6:29. The way the beatgrid looks is very similar to what happens in my mapping, but it doesn't reset when you set the first beat marker. It freezes and you cannot make any changes. It's very odd, because I cannot replicate the error. It happens only sometimes when I hit CUE or SHIFT + CUE, but not always.

For you mapping wizards, please take a look. Perhaps there's something I'm missing.