Problems creating an ad hoc network, windows7 and ios7
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    Default Problems creating an ad hoc network, windows7 and ios7

    So I recently grabbed the touchable2 app after reviewing it on the blog, and am excited to try it out, however, I am running into problems setting up an adhoc network. This seems to be a common problem after some research on google etc.

    After creating the ad hoc network in windows 7 ,I go into settings on my ipad and can use my password to connect to it so to speak, but I don't get any connectivity bars at the top left of the screen, and cannot get any farther than this.

    I followed the instructions at touchables site, and have their server app running on my PC.

    Its like I'm so close, but the ipad gets no internet signal thru the adhoc network.

    If I switch networks on the ipad to my normal home router, I get internet.

    Anyone here successfully using touchable with windows 7 ?

    I have googled this and tried everything I could find for like the last 5 hours.
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    If your computer is making an ad-hoc network, how is it connected to the router?
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    Quote Originally Posted by makar1 View Post
    If your computer is making an ad-hoc network, how is it connected to the router?
    (This is my first post on this forum so I figured I'd bust in w a bang..)

    When creating an adhoc network windows will typically give you a pop up asking if you would like to connect this adhoc to the internet as well so that its not just a computer to computer connection....

    But honestly forget all of that... because just like you guys, I have had similar problems and once shared the same frustrations searching hours if not days for the best solutions...
    Now when ever I speak my opinion to anyone about anything, I only speak of personal experience that I have personally tried out and myself. I am also telling you what has worked best for me. What works best for me may not always work best for you. So the very worst case, you try it, and if it works for you then Great! and if not, well atleast we gave it our best

    So as far as connecting Touch-Able or any iOS based Midi application to your Mac or PC I have tried Dozens of ways and found there to be only 2 solutions that are simple and painless that take no effort or computer experience.


    1. Most important, you MUST download the touchable server from the touchable website and have that run in the background. Without the touchable server running at all times, Nothing you do will work so make sure that is done first
    Here is a direct link to download the Mac or PC version.

    ****Mac Users: MUST HAVE your JAVA updated to the latest version. (java is made by Oracle, and is also available for download right on apples website which I believe is the only place mac users can download it anyway)

    ***Windows Users: MUST HAVE Latest version of 'BOTH' 64bit AND 34bit "offline versions" of Java installed on your system regardless if youre using a 32 or 64bit computer. INSTALL BOTH!!! This will not cause harm I promise. (again, if youre not familiar google search Java by Oracle) Just trying to keep the focus on touchable, sorry.

    -ALSO for Windows users... you MUST INSTALL Apple's Bonjour. Here is a link, not sure if this is the latest version or not but it should work regardless, at the very worst case, just update but it will atleast get you going.

    2. Now that you have that done, all there is left to do is get your ipad to talk to the computer so that your app can fully function as a controller.

    As mentioned earlier; There are 2 simple ways that I have found to work the best...

    <OPTION-A>: Whether you are on a Mac or PC go to and download ipMidi
    Mac Users can download Full Version for free, Windows users can download a trial that never expires for free. The only catch to the trial version is that once an hour it will turn off and you just need to restart it. If restarting the app once an hour is that much of a pain for you, then I believe there is a purchase option for $79 If you want to unlock it not to restart. Its def a bit on the pricey side, but honestly, restarting it once an hour has never caused any problems for me and has been fine.

    <OPTION-B> (and my opion the best) Go out and buy a device called iconnectivity. Here is their website for more info
    Ironically, I was just at Guitar center Yesterday and picked one up and I LOVVVVVVE it!!! Best part is that it was only $99 which is pretty damn cheap for what it does because it offers one additional perk that im not sure many (if any) other devices offer...
    If you are one like me who works with 2 computers for production (Mac & PC) This device will allow you to connect both computers to route audio in sync. Best to read the website for more info.

    Hopefully my info was informative and like I said earlier, this is what has worked best for me... Try it and hopefully it solves any problems you've been facing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by makar1 View Post
    If your computer is making an ad-hoc network, how is it connected to the router?
    Well there's my wifi network, and it's also connected via Ethernet. I normally disable my wireless card to reduce computer load, but touchable requires it to be enabled I the moment I have touchable running through my wifi, but there are occasional hic ups and drop outs, nothing major but still , I'd like to be able to set it up the recommended way.
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    Yeah I've been having a similar issues, the iPad connects but on the computer on the task bar it says "waiting for devices"

    It got pretty aggravating so I gave up for a bit

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    Any movement on this front? I've also read through the numerous forum posts on apple support and it seems like nobody has found a real solution. The problem seems to be with ios 7 specifically. Forget apps for now, has anybody been able to successfully setup ad-hoc on Windows 7 and have ios7 connect to it? Thanks.

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