Can someone please help me with my sound issue.
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    Default Can someone please help me with my sound issue.

    Im having issues with the sound coming out of my monitors. Im using the yamana hs50m's with the adio 4dj and a vci-100. i hooked them up correctly but the sound coming out is not clear. it sounds all distorted and muffled. ive tried several differnt connectors and nothing seems to help. what could be my issue?

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    Check the latency on both your sound card's software and with whatever software you are using to DJ.

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    Check the master level on traktor (make sure it's not to loud ... don't let it go anywhere near the red), check if you have limit on (turf it off), some people have complained that if you turn KEY on the high freq.s died a little bit!


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    i checked those things and nothing has changed. i have the monitors connected to the audio 4 dj with the rca to xlr3m . my master level on tracktor is down. the latency is 11.5 ms but i tried all different levels.

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    You don't have any of your EQ cuts or trims switched on the back? Try setting everything to 0 and the bass to flat and see what happens
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