I apologize if this is not the right area for troubleshooting questions, but I was unable to locate another area suited for this.

I currently purchased the DJM-101 midi controller and am wanting to us it with my Virtual DJ Pro software. I connected the controller via USB (and my computer was able to pick up the drivers and successfully install), however, there doesn't seem to be any power getting to the controller. The LED's only briefly light up when I switch the power control option from OFF to USB. So, I thought maybe I was lacking power, so I connected a 6V power adapter per the instructions and switched the power to use that but the same issue occurs. No power. Nothing lights up.

Is there something I need to setup in my Virtual DJ Pro software before the controller will show as having power (which seems odd)? I found the configuration options in my software and set it up to connect to the controller but without any luck. Could it be that it is not compatible with my DJ software?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated - thank you in advance!