Microphone feedback help!
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    Default Microphone feedback help!

    Hello I'm sitting here with a problem.
    Tomorrow I stream / broadcast - radio out to people . I speake , talking , doing voice-over, ect ... or whatever you call it, with my microphone so I can talk to people , introduce music etc , so it's a little bit more exciting than just mixing music together.

    the problem is that when I use the microphone I get feedback through the microphone and speakers , so that people can hear my voice and music in " echo " because of the feedback. How do I fix the problem?

    I would still like to be able to "cue" music in my headphones.

    How do I make this setup?
    - I only hear the music I mix on monitor (no mic voice)
    - People need to hear "music + mic ​​sound"
    If this setup works, then there should be no feedback in mic / speaker

    I have the following equipment.

    - PC Computer - Win7
    - KRK monitor RK 5 G2
    - Focusrite Scarlett 2I2 and standard sound card that sits in comuteren .
    - Microphone - Red NT1 -A, Shure PG48 - XLR
    - Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80 ohm and a pair of DJ headphones.
    - Dj Software - Virtual DJ 7 and MIXXX
    - DAW - Ableton Live 9 standard
    - Dj Controller - Numark Mixtrack Pro II with internal sound card

    in total there are 3 soundcard (Focusrite, PC, and DJ controller)

    hope there is someone out there who has a solution.

    Regards, Paul

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    You basically need some way of creating an aux mix which contains just the music playback and not your microphone, and then feed your monitor speakers from this. Unfortunately, I don't think Ableton has this feature (although I don't use it so I may be wrong). What you could do with is a small analogue mixer with an auxiliary output that goes in between your sources (i.e. the microphone and the DJ setup), and your computer. You can then mix the two together at the desk to sent to your PC for broadcast, but create a separate auxiliary mix of just the music to send to you speakers for monitoring. Something cheap like this http://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-...r/2A9#full-des would do, as you could use the FX send to feed your monitors (although they would be in mono and you would need a Y-cable to feed both of them).

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    Theres a few ways…

    1. lower your monitoring level when you're going to use the mic (in radio studios, the monitor speakers are killed as soon as a mic channel is opened)
    2. take some of the hi out
    3. get a better mic, the Shure PG48 is their 'karaoke' mic, its cheap and nasty

    Some DJ mixers don't send the mic channel to the booth output…although i see your doing everything in software. In Ableton you should be able to create an aux mix without the mic feed (called a mix minus) by using the sends
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