Hi all,

So I am completely new to the world of DJ'ing. I've been off and on for the past few months researching about DJ'ing, equipment needed, software to use, etc, etc. I've finally the other day purchased Traktor and begun the process of learning everything I can about it. I have nothing but a pair of headphones and an MBPro.

So here is where my question starts. I'm looking to purchase a controller shortly, and it is in between the Pioneer DDJ-SX and the Tractor S4. Obviously, one is built specifically for Traktor, the other for Serato. I'm leaning towards the DDJ-SX, but I've got a few questions, which I likely won't be able to have answered until after I purchase a controller. I'm hoping I might be able to find some help here. So here are my concerns:

1. Firstly, if I go DDJ-SX, anyone used this mapped to Traktor and does it function fully as you'd expect? (note: I don't plan on scratching)

2. I notice on DDJ-SX there is no DRY/WET control. Again, I'm new, so I don't know if this is something used frequently, but if it is, is there a way this is handled/mapped on a DDJ-SX?

3. I notice the loop size on the S4 is a digital/led(whatever its called) readout, whereas SX appears to have a loop size up and loop size down button. Am I correct in assuming this just means I'll have to look at the computer screen to see what my loop size is (as opposed to digital readout)? I can't imagine this would be a terribly big deal.

4. No idea what the knob the left of loop size does, or the flux mode button (S4). Is this a frequently used feature, and something I can map on the SX?

Any other thoughts are greatly appreciated. I'm pretty sold on Traktor (seems much more robust), but I also like the DDJ-SX. Not that more buttons is always a better thing, but here too, it seems more robust than the S4; not to mention the layout on the DDJ-SX seems similar the defacto standard DJM's.

Thanks in advance all!