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    Default Proper studio/producing monitors

    Hi guys, could you help me sort this out? I've managed to save up some money and want to spend a little bit of it on good monitors. I've got an Technics SU-A700 amplifier so it can be passive monitors. However, I wouldn't mind a set of active speakers either so I can sell the amplifier and have less gear to plug/unplug when moving around the stuff in house.

    I want to be able to hear what productions would sound like in places like clubs. Been using headphones but more than I would like to admit it sounded great on headphones but horrible on real speakersystems.

    I find it quite hard of to figure out what's really good and what isn't. It makes searching for a proper set quite hard. What I would like to hear are recommendations for new or used (max couple years old) monitors in the price range of 200-250 (about $340). I've heard that the Behringer Truth series is quite good, and I've come across a set of Pioneer S-DJ05's, however the seller isn't replying.

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    Save up some more money, srsly....
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    I wouldn't be so negative. At the price range you are talking, and as you're willing to go second-hand you should be able to get something that is much improved over basic hi-fi kit (although you don't mention which speakers you're currently using)

    This year I installed a pair of Tannoy Reveal 501A for a small radio production studio, and pretty happy with the results. I considered them against Yamaha HS50M (now discontinued -- there's a new model) and MSP5. The HS50M are bi-amped which for the price sounds good, but I did not do a side-by-side test -- though I have been very happy with their bigger brothers (HS80) in another application. In the end it was practicalities in this case that made the decision to go with the front-ported Reveal 501A, and they sound clear and punchy.

    It appears that there's much competition at this end of the market, so that is probably in your favour. And therefore these are widely available second-hand, too.

    The most noticeable thing when doing listening tests (and comparison to your headphones, possibly) is that you simply can't get the low bass from the smaller speakers, regardless of the price.

    Another thing is to drive them with a good output. If you've got +4dbU balanced (eg. XLR) outputs then allow some of your budget for the right cables to use it -- or solder them yourself, much cheaper.

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