$150 christmas bonus... what to get next?
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    Default $150 christmas bonus... what to get next?

    Hey guys, I started playing out a few months ago in a small hookah lounge which was sometimes busy and sometimes paid me (always free Hookah though)... and have recently upgraded to a larger hookah lounge that gets small-bar packed on Fridays and Saturdays (and pays me consistently). I did a trial on Thursday and they were half empty, then they invited me back for Saturday when there were nearly 100 people in there at a time from 9PM to 1AM, and now want me there every Saturday.

    My boss at my primary job is giving us a Christmas bonus of $150 cash or up to $150 of purchases from wherever we want. If what we want costs more than that, he's offered to take it off our checks. I'm not sure what I should get next...

    I'm traveling in a 4-door sedan and it's crammed with stuff. Here's what I have so far:

    - Portable Folding Table
    - Dell Precision M6700 17" i7 laptop w/ 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD & 500GB HDD on Windows 7
    - Traktor Pro 2.whatever... flux mode engaged *smirk*
    - Mixed In Key 5.whatever
    - Numark 4Trak w/ Odyssey Glide case
    - MidiFighter 3D
    - Traktor X1
    - Peavey PV-4C 250Wx2 amp
    - Two speakers that sound pretty good, but can't be put on stands
    - Buttkicker 1500W amp
    - 18" Subwoofer in 15" box

    These do not go with me (yet):
    - Trussing
    - 1 small red/green "galaxian" style DJ light
    - Acer i5 Laptop for visualizations - still trying to figure out how I want to do visualizations
    - Projector for visualizations - still trying to figure out how I want to do visualizations

    I play mostly hip-hop, though I occasionally mix in trap and edm, along with old school to mix it up. Though I prefer EDM, my next goal is to become a club DJ.

    I'm pretty well set with my gear but was considering a 3 or 4 lens laser light... not sure what kind I should get. What else should I consider getting to add to my collection for better entertainment??
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    150 isn't that much to spend on gear. I would just spend it on music.

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