Drag N Drop MIDI - Maschine to Logic
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    Default Drag N Drop MIDI - Maschine to Logic

    I have been doing this for a while now, but it seems i can only drag and drop MIDI from from maschine into logic when im dropping the sounds onto a track that has Maschine open as a plugin.

    Can i not just have 1 software inst track with maschine loaded as a plugin on, and then just make say 5/10 or however many software inst tracks, and drap and drop the MIDI straight onto those? I'ts killing my CPU by having 10+ software inst tracks all with maschine loaded as a plugin on...

    Maybe I'm not doing it the right way, but its hella confusing having multiple instances of maschine open with different drums on. I just want 1, and then to be abel to drag everything i want out of maschine onto seperate logic software tracks.

    I prefer MIDI rather than audio. I think with audio i can do this, but just not MIDI/software inst tracks.

    EDIT: to make it clearer what im trying to achieve, i do all my drums in Maschine, so i want to programme a 1 bar hi hat pattern, and then drop it into logic on its own track, then a 1 bar clap, then a little snare pattern, and drop into maschine on its own track, and so on...

    When i drop the sounds onto a blank software inst track, its just silent, i can only hear the sounds when i make a new software inst track with maschine on and do it that way... meh
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    I do not own a maschine, but as for reducing your CPU could you not convert your midi to audio? That might drive it down. Then again I'm not sure how much of the cpu is getting killed by having the machine plugin on all those channels. After you convert to audio clips, you could get rid of the plugin on the channel? Seems like a hassle but might be a fix.

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    I'm not familiar with Logic, but a "software inst track" sounds like it is a track, that needs a software instrument loaded within to play back any sound.

    What you probably need is a midi track that is routed into Maschine, plus an/several audio track(s) that you route the audio from Maschine to.

    P.S.: had a short google search and this looks just like what you would need: When in Logic, select the channel with the Maschine plug-in on it and go to 'Track>New with same channel strip/instrument'

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    The trick is to use a multi channel version of Maschine. Since You are using Logic 9 You could then pack Your tracks in a folder. If You use Logic X it's group tracks...

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