Hey, so NI recently released the traktor 2.6.6 update and with that a remix deck mapping for maschine mk1 and mk2. I don't know if it's because it's a fairly new mapping or if it's because I have installed it incorrectly, but the color for the different samples in the remix deck doesn't correspond to the color on the Maschine pads. I got a constant blue light on all pads, that only lights up if I got a sample in the slot. they don't light up if I play the samples and they dont dim when they stop playing.

All in all I think the mapping is really dissapointing? Instead of making the obvious mute button on the maschine a mute button for the samples, they choose to make it a delete button???? Am I too critical? what are your thoughts on the mapping? and are the pad lights not suppossed to correspond to the right color of the individual sample?