some new issues i'm troubleshooting. This time on my girlfriends new MacBook Pro using her new VCI 380 controller with Traktor Pro 2. Been DJ'ing with various controllers since 2008 & DJ'ing with vinyl/cds since 1997, but man, always new troubles to be solved! Any advice appreciated.

Have Traktor 2.6.6 , with Vestax VCI-380 on new MacBook Pro 2013 model 2.3Ghz Intel Core using 10.8.5

Midi Mapping with official Vestax .tsi file downloaded from Vestax site.
Installed the midi mapping in Traktor-Preferences-Controller Manager-Import. Also chose VCI 380 in outport/inport settings.

Issues need help with:

Main Master Volume not mapped, not moving
Effects: I can use the 1st of 3 effects with VCI380 easily, but 2nd & 3rd one cannot figure out how to turn on. Using the "Pad FX" big knobs on top left & right of controller seems to scroll through 2nd effect, but can only turn OFF , not ON the 2nd Efx, have to use pad/mouse to turn ON. 3rd effect have no idea how to scroll through various effects or turn on/off???