Traktor Scratch Pro w/Numark Mixdeck
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    Default Traktor Scratch Pro w/Numark Mixdeck

    I am currently using Traktor pro 2, with a numark mixdeck. Can I upgrade to scratch pro, and if so, what would be the difference?

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    You can only use Traktor Scratch with a certified Traktor soundcard. This includes:

    Traktor S4
    Audio 4/8 DJ
    Traktor Audio 6/10
    And these mixers:

    And that's not a case of "Wait, I can just get a cracked copy", the timecode signal will literally not work with anything other than the hardware listed above. Very clever on NI's part.

    May I ask, for what reason do you wish to upgrade to scratch pro? IF you don't have CDJs or turntables, there are no reasons at all since all it offers you is an option to control that way, however the modern CDJs allow you to control Traktor directly and even use them as a soundcard, removing the whole need for the timecode CD and even a soundcard.

    Essentially, the only reason to want scratch now is to still have the freedom to rock vinyl, which is still one of the coolest feelings in the world, and it'll shut up the haters when they say "oh you're a Sync button Traktor user"
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    No reason to switch, i just see some people using it and wanted to know the difference. I didnt know if it was like an upgrade from Pro 2. But Pro 2 works great for me.

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    If you aren't going to use turntables or cd players, no need for tsp.
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