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    I know this is a really stupid question, but I can't remember how this works. I'm buying an S2/S4 soon and I want to be able to run a midi fighter, and possibly a maschine, and 1 or 2 of NI's other controllers (F1,X1,Z1).

    How many channels does the S2/S4 have? Would I have to run an external sound card to be able to have all of this?

    Thanks! (sorry for the stupid question)

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    S2=2 channels S4=4 channels. Both have a built in audio interface. You can use any of those other controllers in combination.
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    If anything, it sounds like you just need to make sure you have enough USB ports.

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    Why so many controllers? The S4 is pretty capable. Add Maschine and the Midi Fighter and you already might be overwhelmed. I can see the need for an F1 (compliments the S4 nicely) by not sure why you would also want a Z1/X1 with all that other stuff. Lot of redundancy.

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    I'm aware, I most likely won't actually do all of those, I was more just wondering what the capability was.

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    S4, F1, Midi Fighter and Maschine ---> Ridiculously powerful. Skip the X1 and/or Z1 if you get the other stuff.

    Before I switched to vinyl (DVS), I used an S4 and F1 as my main controllers. I had a Midi Fighter for the effects (instant gratification mapping) and then routed Maschine to Deck D in Traktor to add some live beats. It's awesome, but realistically it's a lot to manage at first and I got the most milage out of just the S4 and F1. I would personally start with those and see if it's enough, then add as needed. There are some really good jogwheel effects mappings for the S2/S4 on here that will give you (in my opinion) better effects control then any of the Midi Fighter mappings.

    Bottom line: the S4/S2 and F1 serve very distinct purposes, so there won't be overlap in functionality.

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    Could I still map the Maschine to deck D with an S2? Since the S2 itself only has 2 channels?

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    Yep, but you would also have to map volume controls and EQs too

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    S4 + X1mkII and Z1 no need
    S4 has all the knobs and button of X1 and Z1 the only thing that the S4 does not have of the 2 is the touch strip.
    If you choose to make the X1 control deck C and D and FX slots 3 and 4 it makes sense but the Z1 you have no need for.
    I do have an DDJ SX + Machine Micro, X1mkII, Z1, F1 but I only use the DDJ SX when playing out. For some gigs I use only the Z1+ X1 but never together with the SX. Machine is only used for production and F1 only for my Handball gigs "need lots of samples".
    Get the S4 only at first and learn to mix on it, it has everything you need for a long time. If you can't mix songs together all the other stuff won't make it sound better.
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    With an S4, the only other thing you could need is a pad controller like the F1 (The best controller for the remix decks, bar none) or the Maschine (Which is the go to choice if you're a music producer) or the Midi fighter (Never used one but I can see the idea and it looks sweet).

    The only down side I find to my S4 is that I don't have control of all 4 decks at once, rather I have to switch between A/C and B/D. The only solution to this I could think of is getting two Behringer PL-1, only 100 a pop, and would give you that extra control and stop the "hittin play on the wrong deck button" which I do a LOT due to how the S4 is mapped.

    Gotta say though, ever since Deep House went commercial I've found using 4-decks is a very frequent occurence.
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