App advice for Midi/audio ipad controller to ableton or traktor,
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    Default App advice for Midi/audio ipad controller to ableton or traktor,

    Hey all,

    So I've just got round to creating a midi network with my ipad for ableton via certain apps, and also routing the audio through an interface into my MacBook Pro for ableton also. WHICH IS AMAZING BTW

    I had a play a while ago with the ipad directly into my s4, that was easy compared to above!

    Has anyone got any advice on apps to use for midi? With midi learn?

    Also any advice for good drum machines and synths apps. That can be used for ableton or traktor.

    I'm running the korg apps and a couple of novation apps on my ipad, any advice on apps would be sound.


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    For midi, TouchOSC and Lemur are your best choices. For synths, I would reccomend iMS-20 and Animoog. Animoog also has midi support (not sure about iMS-20 though). Animoog and TouchOSC are both great apps. Touchosc is very useful, and I have even used it for mixing in Traktor. Animoog is capable of creating some great sounds.
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    Propellerhead's "Figure" is well worth the 99

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    I was just using ims20 with an oxygen 25 on the ipad only and the knobs work with each other which was cool. I dont think it has midi though.Gonna get the animoog for sure.
    How hard is the set up on touch Osc?

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