Hey guys.. have a troubleshooting question wanted to see if anyone had any insight. My setup is a Denon MC3000, KRK Rokit 8 monitors and a KRK 10s sub. I use the virtual dj le that came with the controller.

As of lately, my cue is not working properly. If i have the fader on track A and my cue on track B, the music will still play track B even though the fader is on track A. Same goes for the opposite, if the fader is on track B, and track A cue is on, track A will play through the left monitor. I'm probably over complicating the description.. Also, if both cue lights are off, the track will not play at all. It is also affecting my headphones, depending on which cues I have on. I believe my controller is up to date on software. Anyone have any suggestions to fix this problem? It is a real pain not being able to cue up a song without it working through the headphones. Instead it is just going straight through the monitors, regardless of which track the fader is on.