hey guys i need some serious advicing how to apply for a record label

lets say i produced a cool track (which i did) worth showing to the public, maybe even for a price?
what would be the next step to get it in public?
how the hell do u contact labels arrange deals and get paid or smth, do you just simply post an email for them with ur track attached? also it is vocal track does this give some kind of advantage and can be considered?
also assuming if my track is good-if i post it on youtube or soundcloud FIRST, before sending it to the record labels can it be reripped and stolen so someone can claim its their own track? maybe i can sue them later as copyright violation by providing the workproject or something? (i hope you understood what i meant)
i got absolutely no clue maybe there are some of you who already got signed? and can explain me everything in very detailed way? i would be very grateful, thanks in advance.

And of course ill give this oppurtunity for this forum to hear my track once ill get some clear answers