AH Xone 42 Master Channel Cutting in and out
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    Default AH Xone 42 Master Channel Cutting in and out

    I tried to get answers on the ah forums but they seem a bit useless. Hopefully someone here can help:

    So I have an issue with my xone 42 where the master output drops the volume in the right speaker. The sound never drops completely out, it is only dumbed down. The volume then comes back up to normal when I push down/wiggle my main mix knob. I am outputting my signal through the xlr outputs to my monitors. I would describe the issue as a loose or intermittent output to the right main channel.

    I am looking at any guidance or testing I can do to uncover the exact issue or how to fix what I have.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Replace the Main Mix knob. You could try some contact cleaner, but it may affect the feel of the knob.
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    I found the parts list in the AH manual, any guidance on how to take the mixer apart to get to this knob? It wouldn't hurt to try some contact cleaner I think, doesn't matter how the knob feels.

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