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    Default Laptop help.

    I'm really hoping you guys can help out here.

    I have a Dell Inspiron N5030 laptop, and I'm trying to get it to work with my timecode in Traktor 2.


    -Latency issues: Whenever I'm simply playing a track the program will think that it's skipping or cause terrible artifacts in the audio.

    Attempted Solution:

    I opened MSconfig and turned off EVERYTHING related to start up and services.
    I turned off themes from the services menu along with almost everything else.
    I tested with DPC Latency Checker with the program running AND not running and i still get crazy spikes.
    Power Management settings are done perfectly for high performance.
    LatencyMon also had spikes telling me to turn off WLAN (Which isn't enabled because of the start up options), Upgrade my BIOS (Which is updated to the latest one), and something else I don't quite remember at the moment.

    I'm honestly really out of ideas as to the cause of it and how to fix it.

    -Gear: DJM 850, 2x CDJ-900 NXS, traktor kontrol X1, Midifighter Spectra
    --OS: Windows 7 64 bit PRO
    --RAM: 4 Gig
    --CPU: Pentium Dual-Core T4500 2.3Ghz

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    Start up options don't affect Wifi. Did you disable it in Device manager?
    VCM100 / X1 / DJM250 / DJM900 / CDJ2000s / Maschine / Audio2+4 / 2i4 / HS8s / TSP 2.6.8
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    Ah I thought it did. My bad. Well after disabling Wifi I still have latency issues. LatencyMon says that there maybe be a power management related problem and to disable CPU throttling, which I did do. Everything is at 100%. As for looking for an option like that in the BIOS I didn't spot any. It also says to check for BIOS updates still which it's already at the latest.

    It also mentions that One or more DPC routines that belong to a driver running in the system appear to be executing for too long.
    Same is said for ISR routines.

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    why not just play on your CDJ setup alone, and save up for a better laptop?

    with close to $4000 in cd player and a mixer why not just use them by themselves? I would do that, and just forget traktor until i had a better laptop.

    also make sure your power management is set to high power

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    I have been, but seeing as how I want to use traktor more (I don't feel like putting the midifighter to waste along with the kontrol) I would much rather get this issue figured out.

    Also, the power options were already set up that way. I even opened up the advanced stuff and set it all to work with full CPU performance, etc.

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