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    What's up guys so the big guy in red generously gave me a Midi Fighter 3D for Xmas and I've been banging my head on my table over how to configure it to finger drumming. I downloaded the utility, got all the new firmware, watched every relevant vid on config made by Mad Zach or Ean Golden but can't get it to the specs I want. So more or less I'm trying to change the trigger response on certain buttons. I have it set to Gated, where the sound stops after i let go of the trigger, but after watching the Mad Zach tutorial on finger drumming it seems he has some of his triggers set to gated while others are not and have that lingering sound. Not sure if it's cause he uses Ableton live or something.

    In short, how can i configure the Midi Fighter 3D to Traktor Pro Remix Decks so that some keys are gated and others are not?

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    Use mapping command "Trigger Type" or set each cell trigger in advanced deck panel.

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