VJStream.tv - high quality video and audio streaming for DJs and VJs
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    Default VJStream.tv - high quality video and audio streaming for DJs and VJs

    A few of us have been slowly building and beta testing VJStream.tv over the last year and we think it has reached a point where we would like to bring in more members to stress-test the service and provide us with some valuable user experience feedback.
    VJStream.tv features high quality video and audio streaming with ‘localized' servers spread across the world with instances in California and Kentucky in the US, and also London and Sweden in Europe. Depending on your upstream internet bandwidth, you can broadcast in audio and video high definition at 1080P/320K if desired.
    VJStream.tv is currently free. Being transparent, this could change in the distant future if the demand outweighs the support and bandwidth costs, but most certainly for now it is covered and is all about the music; helping you stream to an interactive, live audience.
    Some of the features of the site include: Live broadcasting, recording, on-demand video playback (replays), integrated IRC chatting and social media sharing. Another neat feature is we have a working plugin for Traktor and Serato on the Mac platform to beam the track information to the server in real time, displaying a fully live track list as the tunes are played out. We hope to include the PC platform as well but currently lack a programmer for Windows - if anyone has the time to help, please do let us know as we’re sure there will be interest for this.

    Head over to http://vjstream.tv and check out some of the video replays. If you like what you see feel free to sign up for a free account and go live!

    For support please check our help desk at http://help.vjstream.tv - we also include instructions on the go live screen that assists.

    Also find us on social sites:
    Facebook http://facebook.com/vjstreamtv

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    VJ Steam allows DJ's to not only play and broadcast themselves to a live audience but offers a chance to refine and practise their art through seeing others play. A large number of DJ's develop their skills by watching other DJ's play, VJ stream offers the whole "looking over their shoulder" aspect while someone plays with their equipment in their home. Personally I think VJStream is the next step in bedroom DJ'ing, with the potential for artistic expression in it's purest form.
    Soundcloud -https://soundcloud.com/zandatsusoiree/dicking-around-in-d-b
    Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zandatsu-Soiree/150742301698202

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