Midi Fighter vs F1
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    Default Midi Fighter vs F1

    I'm looking at getting one of these. I've been able to play with the F1 at GC but obviously I haven't gotten my hands on a Midi Fighter. That said, I'd like to know which one you chose and why? This is probably the best way to get an informed opinion.


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    Hi Stee V. I have both the F1 and an MF3D and it would depend on what you'd like to use each for. Obviously the F1 excels at using the remix decks within Traktor. I've used the MF3D for effects, which i quite the like the buttons for combined with the motion control, and even a bit of cue jumping now and again.

    Saying that, i've tried using the MF3D in the remix deck roll and the F1 for effects and whilst they both did quite well in each others territory, the MF3D was found lacking using the remix decks without the faders and filters and i found i really gotten used to the MF3D's pick up and playability with effects (Loads of fun!) so that trumped the F1.

    I now use the MF3D for using effects on the F1 in the remix deck roll and it's awesome! Better together for sure. Main question you want to ask is what you'd like to use each one for, and if you can get both do that!
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    You know I bought a midi fighter pro when they first came out and I was very disappointed. It seemed like things just wernt timed properly, effects where not always what I expected them to be, to much randomness. It also felt like it was built more to control the decks in traktor than just straight effects, so I sold it. Now I bought two F1's and sat on them for awhile but eventually started using them to build live mashups which I love doing. On top of that there is a mapping here on DJTT from tekken and its by far the BEST effects mapping ive ever used, its everything I want and then some, on top of that you can freely switch from effects to remix decks. Its very responsive and glitch free, ive been using it for 7 months or so without a problem. But what you should buy is totally dependent on how you play and what you need, that's my 2 cents

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    I have two F1s. They're easily the right solution for controlling remix decks.

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    Agree with da mastah. I use my F1 for effects and remix decks, and wouldn't be able to live without the faders and knobs/encoder

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