One Gig with 2 DJs
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    Hey DJTT,

    I am DJing a school dance with my friend in a couple of months, and I need your help. I have some concerns with DJing together and how to split everything up.

    I really want to know what the best setup would be to support two people. How many controllers, laptops, all that jazz.

    I really need your help on this one guys!


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    Easiest would be one 4 channel controller and one laptop. You could both be DJing at the same time. If it's just a 2 channel controller, one could take one deck while the other takes the other, or you could swap out and one person DJ with both decks then the other takes over for both decks.

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    practice together with varying setups, pick one that works better than the others, then practice a lot together before the gig

    if you don't have access to varying setups or don't normally use more than whatever your regular setup is, then practice together using that and find out if you work best tagging track to track or over longer lengths of time

    tl;dr you should practice together if you want to compliment each other instead of compete

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    What kind of Setups do you use??? When I was djing with a friend we both brought our equipment to the gig. I had 2 Turntables, and a 4 channel Mixer running Traktor Scratch Pro and my Buddy used his gear wich was also a 4 channel mixer and 2 cdjs running 4 decks in Traktor pro trough an audio interface into his mixer. we then connected his mixers master output to channel 1 of my mixer. My master out to the soundsystem. that way we Both had our gear that we were used to.

    So if you have a simple 2 channel mixer you can hook your master outs of your setups up to each channel and the mixers output goes to the soundsystem.

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    All you need are 2 decks and a mixer (2cdj+mixer, 2 tts+mixer, a controller). You mix in your last track, and as soon as you pull out the track that was just playing, your buddy jumps on the free deck, and mixes his first into your last. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
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    Use the same gear.
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    Set up what ever you think you need. Last night we put three different set ups into one main mixer. Everyone must mind their levels though. (you should be doing that anyways)
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    a rane mixer works the best. i use to use a 4 channel mixer with 2 turntables. every time i had to swap with my friend i just connected an ipod to channel 3 and then connect my friends laptop.... rane 62 saves so much time and hassle. just a turn of a knob.
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